VoIP Hazardous Area Telephones

Product Description

Operating Temperatures: -40°C to + 70°C Relative humidity high: 93% R.H at 40°C (non condensing) Casing Material: Heavy Duty aluminium (salt & corrosion resistant) Illuminated LCD Display: for status notifications and instructions Flashing Light: ideal for noisy areas where a ring may not be heard, or for easy location inside dark tunnels etc Excellent Sound Quality: STI approved to 0.9 (Excellent Sound) Ringing volume: 80 dB(A) in 1m distance Power Supply: 24V DC input, or Power over Ethernet (PoE). Connection: RJ45 Ethernet socket through IP67 plug connector. Quality of Service (QoS): ensuring optimal delivery of voice Type of Service (ToS): high throughput and reliability (RFC3168) ISDN gateway compliance: connect any SIP compliant VoIP/ISDN gateway to call to-and receive-calls from ISDN